My Big Running Goal of 2014

Now that we are officially in 2014, it’s time for me to tell you a little about what will be happening with my running and races this spring. Remember when I stated a few months ago that I would NEVER run another spring marathon again? I mean, like never.. ever. Well, I am. However, I was given this amazing opportunity and it was too hard to pass up.

I was recently picked to be a official blogger for the Rite-Aid Cleveland Marathon. It’s a honor as a runner and a blogger to be picked. On May 18, 2014, I will be heading to Cleveland to run the 37th annual event.

It’s taken me a few weeks to wrap my head around this (I thought I was going to take a full year off marathons), but now it’s time to start planning and training.

Here are a few things I can share with you about my plan:

  1. I will be shooting for a sub-4 hour marathon again. This would mean I would need to PR by 20 freaking minutes! Is this doable? I am not sure, but I am going to give it my ALL. I did take 18 minutes off my last marathon time.
  2. I have a coach. Yes, that is right. I have someone who is going to yell and scream and make me cry like a baby until I do it right. OK, I really hope that’s NOT the case. I look forward to sharing all that with you in future posts.
  3. I have let go of all my other racing goals to concentrate on this race. From now until May…it’s all about the Rite-Aid Cleveland Marathon, baby.
  4. I will run one half marathon in March to gauge my progress. I am not sure if picking the hardest half marathon in Northern Illinois was the smartest idea, but it is what it is. Go big or go home, right?
  5. I will be documenting all of my training, fueling, hydration and gear here for all of you to laugh at (or me). 😉 You can also find these blog posts on the Rite-Aid Cleveland Marathon homepage.

                                             What big goal or race is happening in 2014 for you?




15 thoughts on “My Big Running Goal of 2014

  1. Sakina

    You’re totally going to get that sub-4 marathon! You know my big goal this year! Marathon! I have another half in 4 weeks (I am addicted to them apparently), but I am looking for yet another half in March. Can’t wait to follow your training! I am working with a coach too! She’s structured it in week-to-week training blocks, which helps me stay focused. I need some motivation soon though. These cold weather runs are getting harder and harder to complete!!

    1. Karen Post author

      Sakina, I put your marathon in my phone as a reminder that morning. :) I’ll be sending you tons of running vibes. Running all these halves will make you stronger and prepare you for what you should expect race day. You are doing everything right! The weather is really bad here too. Just got pounded with snow and now the temps are going to drop to a HIGH of -9. Yuck.

  2. Elizabeth Preston

    You can do this!!
    I have a marathon June 1, and my BIG race is the Maui Marathon September 21. My first time to Hawaii!

    1. Karen Post author

      Thanks, Liz. I am very jealous of your Maui marathon. I have heard that is a incredible race. I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Until then, I would love any pointers you have during your spring training. Our races are so close to one another! :)

  3. Wendy

    Hard to say no when you are sponsored! I hope you remember us when you hit the big time! ;p

    2014 isn’t starting so great for me…this SNoW ! for one thing. And when I fired up the dreadmill, 3 minutes into it my stomach had other plans. So I spent the day on the couch. I don’t do sick well. I missed my run and work. Argh! Well, I’m feeling better and tomorrow is another day, right?

    Can I talk you into the Lakefront 10 miler in April? They’re doing it to commemorate Boston. Plus I’ve done it before (breaking my no repeat rule, but hey, it’s a great distance!).

    1. Karen Post author

      Oh, NO! I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. At least you are sick when the weather stinks. Tomorrow IS another day and hopefully you will be up and running again. OK, so April 19th at 8am? I just checked it out. If you are definitely in, I will sign up immediately. :) Sounds fun. Hoping the weather is nice because I will probably have to continue on for more mileage. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Stacey S

    How in the world do you train in these nasty temps? ❄️⛄️❄️⛄️I’m in Wisconsin and just coming off a 6 month stress fracture sabbatical so I think I’m aiming at a November half or full on Madison – you should consider joining me! I need all the help I can get – 6months is a long time and of course I missed my fall marathon

  5. Stephanie

    Great to be part of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon official blogger program with you! I am shooting for a marathon PR this year. The last two CLE marathons have destroyed me, but I am even more determined and prepared this year. Best wishes and happy training!

    1. Karen Post author

      Thanks, Stephanie. I am so excited to to follow your training and hopefully meet you in May. Good luck with training and you know what they say…3rd time is a charm.:)


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